Aquatic Habitat Restoration

Aquatic Habitat Restoration Scope of Services

  • Evaluation of bank and shoreline habitat restoration alternatives
  • Aquatic data collection
  • Design and construction of in-water and shoreline projects
  • Oversight during construction

DOF’s upland and waterway remediation services focus on the characterization and cleanup of contaminated soil and groundwater. Each of our upland remediation specialists has more than 25 years of consulting experience, and contributes in-depth understanding of the environmental and engineering issues associated with upland remediation projects.

With expertise in hydrogeology, geology, geochemistry, engineering (civil, environmental, coastal, and geotechnical), hydraulics, and environmental regulation, DOF offers a full range of services required to return aquatic habitat to greater ecological function. We have the expertise, experience, subcontractor network, and financial resources to assure that your aquatic habitat restoration goals are met with thorough assessment, evaluation, cleanup design, and construction oversight services. Our project experience includes investigations and cleanups regulated under the authority of the federal government (CERCLA) and state government (Model Toxics Control Act, Puget Sound Dredged Disposal Analysis, Sediment Management Standards), as well as independent cleanup actions for commercial and industrial properties.