Litigation Support

Technical Expert Scope of Services

  • Testimony for construction claims, cost recovery and dispute resolution
  • Peer review and evaluation of major projects
  • Technical review of USACE and NRC documents
  • Technical advisory teams

DOF’s nationally recognized experts have provided technical expert services and testimony for upland remediation, aquatic remediation, and navigation dredging projects in federal court, federal bankruptcy court, and state district court. Their services have addressed environmental damages and insurance claims for damage, including sediment characterization, construction cost claims, changed condition claims, Superfund PRP cost allocation, and claims before the Washington State Pollution Hearings and Tax Appeal Boards.

Sediment Remediation

  • Hylebos Waterway Superfund Site, WA. Federal Court. Deposition and court testimony. Contract default by remediation contractor.
  • Hylebos Waterway Superfund Site, WA. Federal Court. Expert report, deposition, and court cost recovery.
  • Thea Foss Waterway Superfund Site, Tacoma, WA. Expert testimony in support of allocation, cost recovery (Superior Court) and NPDES permitting (State Pollution Hearings Board).
  • Lower Fox River Superfund Site, WI. Federal Court. Expert report and testimony (deposition).
  • Campbell Industries, San Diego Shipyards, CA.
  • Middle Waterway Superfund Site, Tacoma, WA. Expert report and mediation.
  • Mud Lake, Thurston County, WA. Expert report (impact to lake sediments) and mediation.
  • Newtown Creek Superfund Site, NY.
  • Northwest Oil Drain Canal, UT. Federal Court. Contract default by remediation contractor and engineer.
  • Thea Foss Waterway Superfund Site, WA. Pierce County Superior Court.
  • Salmon Bay Marina, WA. Cost recovery.
  • Lake Colchester, Iowa. Construction claim.
  • Quillayute Boat Basin, WA. USACE construction claim.
  • APM Terminal, VA. Construction claim.
  • Ventura Harbor, CA. USACE construction claim.
  • LA River, CA. USACE construction claim.
  • Nome, AK. USACE construction claim.

Upland Remediation

  • Kaiser Debris Site, Vancouver, WA. Expert report and testimony (deposition) - support of allocation and cost recovery.
  • Icy Bay Logging Camp, AK. Expert report (identification of petroleum hydrocarbon sources) and mediation.
  • Strip Mall Dry Cleaning Facility, Clark County, WA. Expert testimony (Superior Court) in support of cost recovery.
  • Strip Mall Dry Cleaning Facility, Pierce County, WA. Expert report (long term cost estimating) and mediation (insurance recovery).
  • Gun Range, Mason County, WA. Expert report prepared as part of settlement.