Johnson Lake - Stormwater | Owens-Brockway Glass Container Inc.

Owens-Brockway Glass Container Inc (Owens) is a glass recycling facility located in Portland, Oregon. Dalton, Olmsted & Fuglevand, Inc. (DOF) previously remediated Johnson Lake, an 18 acre shallow lake with sediment, bank, and upland PCB contamination as part of an Oregon DEQ Voluntary Clean Up. The remediation included: capping entire lake with thin-layer organic enriched cap, excavating PCB contaminated upland soils, construction of stormwater swale from stormwater outfall across upland remediation area to lake, and dredging adjacent slough to compensate for lost floodplain capacity as a result of the capping.

After the remediation project concluded, DOF was brought on to help the Facility manage their stormwater program in 2013 due to benchmark exceedances of various parameters at all five of their stormwater outfalls. DOF personnel worked with Owens staff to implement stormwater BMPs and train the staff in stormwater sampling. Since then, the number of outfalls that need to be sampled has been reduced from five to just one and the number of parameters to analyze has been reduced from eight parameters to just two, per monitoring waivers that were granted by Oregon DEQ in response to the facility’s recent sampling results.

DOF Services:

  • Stormwater sampling training for Owens-Brockway staff
  • Preparation of Tier I/Tier II reports
  • Preparation of Discharge Monitoring Reports
  • Preparation of Monitoring Waiver Requests for submission to DEQ, which resulted in Facility only having to sample one of their five outfalls
  • Investigative sampling to determine source for high phosphorous concentrations at outfall
  • Identification and implementation of stormwater Best Management Practices
  • Assist in preparation for regulatory inspections
  • Engineering evaluation of site after geometric mean exceedances
  • Design of treatment system to target phosphorous at outfall