Port of Seattle Long Term Maintenance Dredging Program | Port of Seattle, Seattle, WA

The Port of Seattle established a long-term maintenance dredging program as a proactive approach to preserving operating depths at specified Port berths. The goal was to institutionalize the maintenance dredging process so that dredging becomes a planned event rather than a response to an acute need. Program manuals were developed to facilitate the transfer of institutional maintenance dredging knowledge from one project manager to another and to create a maintenance dredging resource.

DOF provided the following services:

  • Assisted the Port in developing a long term maintenance dredging program
  • Reviewed historical Port records and data
  • Evaluated anticipated long-term maintenance requirements versus existing permits
  • Recommended permitting strategy for long-term maintenance program
  • Developed long-term maintenance dredging program budget
  • Prepared program manuals.