Port of Stockton | Stockton, CA

This project included both new work and maintenance dredging of berth areas in the Port of Stockton adjacent to the federal navigation channel. The berths had been used by the Navy, and significant amounts of trash and debris were present in the top 5 feet of maintenance material. The new work material was clay.

DOF provided the following services:

  • Prepared cost estimates for multiple dewatering/water treatment applications including geotextile bags and centrifuges
  • Calculated hydraulic dredge production using proprietary computer model for hydraulic throughput requirements to size geotextile bag and centrifuge dewatering systems
  • Calculated available capacity of upland disposal area
  • Prepared plans and specifications for hydraulic dredge and disposal in multiple upland containment cells
  • Assisted the Port in negotiating contract terms with the dredger
  • Provided on-site construction observation to monitor permit compliance, construction progress, and remaining disposal cell capacity
  • Prepared daily reports of project activity including estimates of work completed, schedule for completion, and photo documentation
  • Provided nearly continuous real-time water quality monitoring with online results for real-time viewing.