Verbeek Wrecking Yard | Puget Sound Energy

The Verbeek automobile wrecking yard operated at a site where soils containing manufactured gas plant residuals had been used as fill. The selected remedy consisted of stripping/stockpiling clean overburden soils for use as backfill, excavating contaminated soils for offsite disposal, and backfilling the excavated areas to grades specified by an erosion control plan and permit.

DOF provided the following services:

  • Characterized, developed, and implemented the remedial action plan
  • Assisted in developing cost estimate
  • Developed bidding documents
  • Assisted in remedial contractor selection
  • Provided field oversight
  • Evaluated backfill sources from both environmental and geotechnical perspectives
  • Assisted the contractor in resolving construction issues
  • Coordinated disposal profile testing
  • Collected confirmation samples
  • Assisted in preparing the remedial construction report.