Dalton, Olmsted & Fuglevand

Our hands on project experience spans conceptual feasibility studies, engineering design, project specifications, bid and award, and construction oversight.

Who we are

DOF is a specialized firm whose mission is to provide hands-on senior level environmental consulting services to industrial, commercial, and municipal clients.

By balancing technical, regulatory, and political demands from inception through completion, we help clients resolve environmental issues with smart, cost-effective solutions.

The principals of the firm are recognized industry experts bringing in-depth understanding of environmental, engineering, geological, hydrogeological, and construction issues to every project.


Find us at the Battelle Sediments Conference

  • Platform Presenter Rob Webb – Monitoring and Evaluating Remedy Effectiveness: Boeing Plant 2 Sediment Remediation: Post Remedy Monitoring and the Search for Long-Term Success.
  • Platform Presenter Rob Webb – Dredging Design and Operation: Sediment Remediation Dredging and Two Approaches to Residuals.
  • Co-Author on Poster Presentation - MNR and Enhanced MNR: Activated Carbon-Amended Enhanced Natural Recovery (ENR): Results from the Lower Duwamish Waterway Pilot Study, Year 1.
  • Co-Author on Poster Presentation - Innovative Characterization and Assessment Approaches: Accurately Measuring Plant-Based Activated Carbon in ENR Sandy-Gravel Material and Sediment Samples Also Containing Native Carbon.

You can also find DOF at the Battelle Bioremediation Symposium

  • Platform Presenter Patrick Hsieh - In Situ Bioremediation in a Heterogeneous Aquifer Using Recirculation Wells Inside Hydraulic Containment
  • Poster Presenter Patrick Hsieh - In Situ Remediation of a 1,4-Dioxane Plume in a Heterogeneous Aquifer, Pilot Study ISB with Bioaugmentation

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