Patrick Hsieh, PE

Senior Engineer

Patrick heish


Phone: 206-731-7550


About Patrick

Mr. Hsieh has over 14 years’ experience in soil and groundwater remediation and environmental compliance including the design, construction, and operation and maintenance (O&M) of treatment, containment, and mitigation systems for environmental remediation projects throughout the US. He has led preparation of feasibility studies, cleanup action plans, engineering design reports and managed construction sites. He has aided clients in negotiations with regulators and third party groups. He has hands-on experience in multiple industries, including waste management, recycling, lumber manufacturing, terminal and intermodal transport facilities, aerospace facilities, food processing/manufacturing, plastics manufacturing, fuel cell research and development (R&D), and hydrogen storage R&D.

Technical Specialties

  • Soil and groundwater remediation * In-situ (Bioremediation, Chemical oxidation/reduction, PRBs, containment, etc.) * Ex-situ (Soil vapor extraction, groundwater pump and treat, water treatment, etc.)

  • NPDES (wastewater and stormwater) permitting and treatment

  • Environmental compliance, (Stormwater, Spill Planning, Hazardous and Universal Waste, Air Emissions, Ash/Fertilizer Management)

  • Process control including programmable logic controller (PLC) programming and data acquisition/recording.


  • M.S. Chemical Engineering,, University of Rochester

  • B.S. Chemical Engineering,, University of Rochester, cum laude


  • Registered Professional Engineer – WA (45361), OR (80809), AK (116003), NV (024277)

  • HAZWOPER Certification

  • TWIC Certified

  • Red Cross First Aid and CPR Certified

  • ITRC Stormwater BMP Team


  • Patrick Hsieh, PE, The Effectiveness of Sodium Borohydride as a Hydrogen Carrier., Master’s Thesis, April 2003

Speaking Engagements

  • Speaker, “Lessons Learned: In Situ Bioremediation in a Heterogeneous Aquifer using Recirculation Wells Inside Hydraulic Containment ”, Battelle International Symposium on Bioremediation and Sustainable Environmental Technologies, April 2018

  • Speaker, “In Situ Remediation of a 1,4-Dioxane Plume in a Heterogeneous Aquifer, Pilot Study ISB with Bioaugmentation ”, Battelle International Symposium on Bioremediation and Sustainable Environmental Technologies, April 2018

  • Speaker, “Washington Industrial Stormwater Regulatory Overlap: Lessons Learned ”, StormCon, Augist 2016

  • Speaker, “Incorporating Sustainability to Develop, Advance, and Improve Remediation Technologies”, Chlor-Con Session Chair, May 2016

  • Speaker and Co-organizer, “A Permit Holder’s Guide to Stormwater Regulation”, Industrial Stormwater Seminar at Perkins Coie, February 2016 & Fall 2014.

  • Speaker, “Lessons Learned: Electrocoagulation Treatment of Dredge Return Water to Acute and Chronic Water Quality Criteria for Dissolved Metals, Total PCBs, pH, and Turbidity ”, WEDA 2015 Dredging Summit, June 2016

  • Speaker, “Design, Construction, and Monitoring of a Field-Scale Discontinuous Permeable Reactive Barrier for Chromium Removal ”, Contaminated Site Management, 11/2014, Battelle Chlor-Con Platform Presentation, May 2014