Due to changes in property ownership, this facility was no longer covered as a tenant under their previous NPDES permit. DOF’s services included preparation of a Land Use Compatibility Statement (LUCS), NPDES permit application and corresponding documents, preparation of site Stormwater Pollution Control Plan (SWPCP) and preparation of a site Spill Plan to meet the requirements for both the stormwater permit and their industrial wastewater permit. DOF has continued to provide stormwater services on an as-needed basis including performing a site investigation to determine ways to meet permit benchmarks for contaminates that exceeded standards and reviewing existing BMPs and designing new BMPs.

DOF Services:

  • Reviewed documents related to the site to assess where stormwater onsite discharges and regulatory applicability
  • Inspected stormwater infrastructure, treatment works, other BMPs and potential sources of stormwater contaminants
  • Designed BMPs to meet permit benchmarks
  • Prepared stormwater plans and documents
  • Ongoing stormwater support as needed